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Garden Glories

Garden Glories Nursery is a small, family owned and operated business founded through a passionate love of all living things.

Garden Glories Nursery carries a variety of perrenials, specializing in alstroemeria, or peruvian lillys. We also stock a wide variety of succulents, as well has hundreds of other surprises.

Garden Glories Nursery is open to the public, most hours of the day. However, due to the size of our business, customers must call ahead for an appointment.

Garden Glories Nursery is located in Vista, CA. For those not in the know, North County San Diego.  Our owner and plantmaster Liz Youngflesh lives on site, ensuring that our plants are given the highest quality care, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Garden Glories Nursery offers well-cared-for specialty and hard-to-find plants for sale to the public. We maintain a personal and inviting atmosphere for our customers, while offering the highest quality plants available.

Paws the nursery cat:

Nursery Cat!

About Us     Alstroemeria     Location     Products     Press     Contact